Using natural soap is an essential part of daily life as it kills germs, fights off bacteria, and keeps us clean. However, it is critical to get your hands on an ideal one.

Although a variety of commercial soaps are accessible in the market, adding a handcrafted soap is worth it above all. It is abundant in nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and exfoliating agents. Thus, it gives a smooth, silky skin appearance.

So, if you are conscious of avoiding chemicals and preservatives, you should opt and enjoy the enormous benefits of handmade soap.

Mass-produced/commercially made soap vs. natural soap

When it comes to soaps, they typically exist in two types, i.e., commercial soap and natural soap. Traditional soaps are commonly prevailing and generally found in supermarkets, whereas natural soaps are specifically made of natural ingredients.

Mass-produced commercial soaps primarily include shady chemicals, additives, or preservatives that are not good for your health. In addition, they come out with extensive plastic packaging that is not bio-friendly. In contrast, natural handcrafted soaps are entirely free from toxic chemicals. They have bio-friendly constituents that are good for your health and the environment.

Why can mass-produced soap be bad for your health?

Commercial soaps contain several ingredients such as parabens and lye that are toxic. Although parabens prevent bacteria, they are disruptive to your endocrine glands. They mimic hormones like estrogen, thus, increasing the risks for breast cancer. Such soaps also include sodium lauryl sulfate responsible for foaming. However, it is toxic and causes irritation in the eyes, skin, lungs, and is known for causing damage to your respiratory system. Therefore, it is recommended to use natural handcrafted soaps.

Moreover, commercial soaps are produced in mass quantities. Therefore, the manufacturers try to go for cheaper ingredients rather than quality ones. That is why the end products, i.e., mass-produced soaps, usually have degraded quality. Thus, they are riskier to your body and health.

What is natural soap?

Natural soap is a skincare product that includes high-quality, natural ingredients typically derived from plants, animals, minerals, etc. They can be essential oils, fats, butter, water, honey, and much more.

Natural soaps are gentle, free from chemicals, and safe for all skin types.

Benefits of natural soap

Natural handcrafted soaps, by all means, are way better when compared to commercial soaps. They are suitable for almost every skin type and proffers the following advantages: 

  • Better ingredients

Natural soaps consist of ingredients that are beneficial for your skin. They are non-toxic and safe for wide usage. Besides, they are somewhat costly as they are purely extracted from natural resources like plants and animals.

  • Ethically sourced ingredients

Natural soaps are made of biodegradable ingredients, which causes no harm to the ecosystem of animals whose lives depend on them. However, they still produce lather even without using animal products like tallow (animal fat).

  • Moisturizing

Natural soap incorporates critical ingredients like glycerin that moisturizes your skin naturally. It locks the water content, hydrating your skin cells. Thus, it makes your skin look super soft and supple with a lustrous appearance.

  • Wider selection

Often plant-based ingredients of handmade soapsoffer you myriad options. They are suitable for many skin types.

  • Cruelty-free

The saponification of handmade soaps involves no toxins. It makes sure the soap bar is cruelty-free and safe for use.

Why choose Art of Soap natural soap bars?

With all ethically sourced and biodegradable ingredients, natural soap bars are the top priority for people who care for themselves and the planet.

Here are a few reasons why to opt for our handcrafted natural soaps:


  • Ethical sourcing: The ingredients of our soaps are responsibly sourced from sustainable sources. We do not compromise the quality nor create unnecessary harm for workers in developing countries.
  • High-quality ingredients: The benefits of handmade soap are its natural ingredients, including shea butter and coconut oil. These moisturizing fats make your skin feel refreshed after every use.
  • Vegan: Our soaps rely on vegan-friendly ingredients. They are healthy and easy to obtain naturally. 

Well-Nourishing & Moisturizing:

The lather of our natural soap bar helps moisturize skin, but what many people don’t know about this soap is how good for your pores those suds are? Soap bubbles kill bacteria on contact – this means that even if you have sensitive or dry patches where flannels can be uncomfortable.

Handmade & Hand Cut:

Our premium soap bars are entirely handmade. We have carefully hand-cut the particular shapes without damaging the quality.

Are you looking for a handmade soap with ethically sourced ingredients? We have something special just in time. Sustainably made, non-toxic, and environmentally safe – it’s perfect for your sensitive skin or if the idea of harsh chemicals makes even more sense than usual.

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