While it may sound astonishing to even consider, according to many experts on health, hygiene, and personal care, it is important to know how to properly use a bar of soap.

As per honest opinion, many are not exactly aware of how to properly apply soap to their body. And while we are probably as amazed as you are, we thought it would be best to gather some information and share the answer to this somewhat simplistic query.

Hence, this article is all about properly using natural, handmade soap bars and the appropriate process by which to apply soap to your body.

What is the right way to use a soap bar?

A typical shower routine: We go into the shower, wash off the days dirt and grime, lather our natural soap bar of choice thoroughly throughout our body, rinse, (maybe repeat?) and exit.

Similarly, whenever our hands get dirty, we rinse them, preferably lather our hands with a natural, handmade soap bar to reach every nook and cranny, and then continue to rinse our hands with warm water.

So, what’s the big deal!?

According to some experts, it is actually is a big deal. Therefore, without prolonging the preface section of this article any further, why not learn the right way to use a soap bar.

  1. It is highly recommended to first rinse your entire body with warm water before transitioning to a natural, handmade soap bar lather.
  2. Shampoo and Condition your hair. Remember not all shampoo and conditioner products are created equal. Be sure to confirm with your dermatologist which shampoo and conditioner fulfill your hair’s treatment needs.
  3. Begin your normal face washing routine. This step varies on person and their recommended treatments. Hot steam should help open pours and enhance whatever skincare treatment you deem fit. Try to avoid sensitive areas like the eyes. Once complete, rinse your face thoroughly. Be sure to include hard to reach areas like those areas behind the ears.
  4. Next, lather your body with a natural, handmade soap bar loaded with anti-aging agents and essential oils. It is our recommendation to avoid commercially crafted soap products as many of them contain toxic chemicals that can damage your skin.
  5. Finally, rinse your entire body thoroughly.

Why does the topic of this article seems surprising?

Most people, including us, have never even considered or adopted any disciplined approach on how to apply soap to our bodies appropriately.

What we do is something that occurs naturally. This means that for most of our lives, we somehow apparently never paid attention or completely ignored the way we use a soap bar, even though we perform this important act numerous times during each day.

However, now that we have shared the expert opinion on how to apply soap to your body, we believe it is time that you seriously consider the steps in this article and follow a rather thoughtful manner on how to apply soap to your body.

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