What is a real handmade soap?

Handmade soap is a combination of natural ingredients such as fat, oil, and butter, along with lye. It goes through a secure soap-making process as preferred by the FDA regulations. Unlike other soaps, it is not produced commercially or contains any harsh chemicals or toxic substances. Instead, most handmade soap bar contains coconut, olive, avocado oils, charcoal, coffee, shea butter, or different clays. They all work together to help you deep cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin.

Moreover, a natural soap bar relies on essential oils and herbal ingredients for their color and essence. Hence, it is free from any additives and is always gentle to your skin.

Is handmade soap better for your skin?

Handmade soap bars contain a natural byproduct, glycerin, that distinguishes them from ordinary soap bars. Glycerin is an effective emollient capable of attracting and retaining water content. Thus, it acts as a strong moisturizing agent to make your skin feel soft and supple.

Contrastingly, commercial soaps have detoxing agents but not glycerin. It is because glycerin can reduce their shelf life, so they avoid adding it.

That is why homemade soap works better than regular bathing soaps.

Commercial Soap Vs. Natural Soap

Mass-produced soap commonly available at shops and supermarkets is commercial soap. It is more of a pressed detergent rather than actual soap. In addition, it contains synthetic ingredients like colorants, fragrances, and lathering agents that suck out all the natural oils when they contact our skin. Hence, commercial soaps can be very harsh to your sensitive skin causing various concerns.

Oppositely, a natural soap bar is a handmade product with no chemicals or additives. It contains plant-based ingredients like fats and oils to clean and moisturize your skin. Therefore, It is gentle and healthier for the skin compared to commercial soaps.

Why is handmade soap the best?

Why is homemade soap better than regular soaps? It might still be the question in your mind. So, here are a few reasons to prefer handmade soap over others;

  • Safe

Homemade soap is enriched with natural oils, fats, and butter. Hence, they are entirely safe and good for both your skin and health.

  • Chemical-free

Commercial soaps usually incorporate synthetic ingredients like parabens, petrochemicals, etc. However, a natural handmade soap bar is free from chemicals or additives. Thus, it does not cause any irritation to your skin. 

  • Plant-based

Mostly handmade soaps are vegan friendly as they do not contain animal fats. Likewise, they are not being tested on animals.

Why are handmade soaps more expensive?

A handmade soap bar usually costs more than ordinary soap. A natural soap demands plant extracts, including essential oils, butter, and fats. They tend not to be easily obtainable. In addition, they have a limited shelf life which means they expire shortly. Therefore, the manufacturers have to purchase it repeatedly, increasing soap costs.

Keeping yourself hygienic is the first step towards health, whereas using a handmade soap bar ensures that. It is becoming common day by day as people become more conscious about their choices. So, if you want healthy, glowing skin, you should also go for a handmade soap bar.

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