Handmade Soap or Commercially Produced Soap

Handmade soap bars are typically made with all-natural, organic ingredients and essential oils without the use of potentially harmful detergents, thus supplementing the skin with nourishing agents. 

Commercially produced soaps, on the other hand, contain lathering detergent agents in large quantities which has shown to be destructive to skin.


Most handmade, organic soap bars contain organic butters (like shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter), oils (like coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, and tallow), fatty acids (like linoleic acid, myrsitic acid, lauric acid, oleic acid and pamitic acid) and Glycerin.

Glycerin helps keep the skin’s natural barriers intact and helps prevent excessive drying by allowing the build up of moisture on the skin’s surface, giving it a more youthful appearance and reduces the formation of wrinkles.

Most commercial soap bars remove glycerin during the manufacturing process. Commercially made soap bars contain high level of artificial fragrances which is a known to irritate the skin. Handmade, natural soap bars use essential oils to keep the aroma. 

Natural, organic soap bars DO NOT contain the following…  

  • Harsh chemicals 
  • Synthetic ingredients  
  • Fragrance  
  • Artificial preservative  
  • Chemicals that may contribute as carcinogens 
  • Detergents  
  • Artificial colors and dye 

Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils not only give homemade soap bars a distinctive aroma but also cause the release of neurotransmitters from the brain which enhance mood, reduce stress and improve concentration levels. Essential oils help reduce anxiety, inflammation and have been used for minor pain relief. To name a few, lavender, pepper mint, lemon, frankincense, cedar wood and grape fruit are some of the most common essential oils used in soap industry.  

Benefits of Handmade Soap

Benefits of homemade soap bars include: 

  • Economical  
  • Very moisturizing  
  • Safe for environment( most ingredients used are environment friendly) 
  • Made after thorough research of ingredients particularly to keep it all organic  
  • Pleasing for eyes and welcoming aroma for nose 

Where can I buy organic, natural, handmade soap bundles?

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