No wonder more and more people have become concerned about adopting and maintaining a healthy and organically inspired lifestyle. One important thing that contributes much towards this initiative is taking proper care of your skin.

Now when it comes to taking good care of your skin, many people seem more inclined towards using the best skin care products, creams, lotions, and other homemade remedial solutions that are there to be used after washing your skin with soap.

However, this understanding of a nice and healthy skin care routine is somehow incorrect. While we aren’t negating the importance of routinely using organic skin care products on your skin, we simply think that there is something else that needs to be added to this list.

Probably, what these people aren’t well-aware of is the fact that a proper skincare routine starts well before. It begins by selecting the best and most reliable handmade soap bar first. This step guarantees that you aren’t just washing your skin with a trustworthy natural soap bar, but also providing it with all the other essential nutrients that it requires. Only after this should you proceed further towards using other organic skincare products on your skin.

Remember that while buying soaps for toilet and bath use, your preference should always be organically enriched natural handmade soap bars.

Notice how we have repeatedly used the word ‘organic’ above. This is because your entire skin is nature’s incredible wonder. Thus, for it to truly sustain its natural charm, it is important to use natural and organically driven treatments as well.

Using handmade natural soap bars on your skin is one step in this direction. It ensures that your skin is adorned in the most appropriate manner only.

In this article, we discuss some of the amazing benefits of natural soaps that you may have never known before.

Benefits of handmade soap

Simply put, natural handmade soap bars always have a great advantage over their commercially produced counterparts. These include the following –

1 # Natural soaps are healthier

To begin with, natural or organically produced soap bars come packed with only 100% safe and natural ingredients. This ensures that your skin only gets the best treatment for itself and that too from natural resources.

Contrary to this, many commercial soaps aren’t exactly as good as they are advertised to be. Their toxic ingredients and other preservatives added to them to bring in that appealing color and smell can turn out to be more harmful than you imagined.

This means that commercial soap bars can cause harm and irritation to your skin as well.

2 # Natural soaps offer more variety for consumers

Another great quality of using natural handmade soap bars is their availability in several colors, shapes, sizes, smells, textures, as well as their feel upon touching on your skin. This is because natural soap bars are handmade in small batches, which makes it easy for its artisans to even offer it with customization as well.

Even as a prescription or a personal choice for shape, color, scent, texture, any specific ingredient, or benefit sought, you can easily find a handmade soap bar crafted exactly to suit your taste and needs.

However, this isn’t the same in the case of commercially produced soap bars.

3 # Natural soaps are cruelty-free and animal friendly

Do you know that during the research and manufacturing stages for many of your favorite commercially produced soap bars, animal tests are performed to detect their safety and toxicity levels for human use?

Well, as horrible as it sounds this is completely true. Many commercially produced soaps are subject to non-cruelty-free and non-animal-friendly procedures.

On the other hand, natural handmade soap bars are made using procedures during which no living being’s safety is compromised.

4 # Natural soaps are better for the environment

Being responsibly made from natural ingredients, handmade soap bars’ rich and thick natural lather do not pose any danger to the environment as well when washed away down the drain. However, this can hardly be said for commercial soap bars.

Commercial soap bars, after irritating your skin with their harmful constituents, still contain a great risk of damaging the natural ecosystem after going down the drain.

5 # Natural soaps are rich in antioxidants

Another distinguishing benefit of handmade soap bars is their antioxidant quality which comes naturally packed in them. Antioxidants help in prolonging your skin’s freshness, natural glow, and texture that can easily fade away due to inflammation and other environmental reactions that your skin is exposed to.

6 # Natural soaps are loaded with glycerin

Keeping your skin moisturized, cleansed, and protected from irritants roaming freely in the environment is what all good soaps should be capable of. Unfortunately, many commercial soaps fail to fulfill this demand for your skin because of their manufacturing process and some other reasons.

Luckily, natural soap bars contain a natural ingredient called glycerin or glycerol. Glycerin acts as a natural moisturizing agent. Besides this, it also helps your skin retain its natural tendency to fight many externally present skin damaging factors.

7 # Natural soaps are helpful for the economy

When you buy natural handmade soap bars, you aren’t just doing a huge favor to your skin, but also the local community. This is because many handmade natural soap bars manufacturers run small-scale production facilities in homes and tiny workshops.

Being produced on a small scale and in small batches is another benefit of handmade soap that ensures their freshness and organic qualities.

8 # Natural soaps contain no preservatives

Natural soap bars are completely free from all kinds of preservatives that are otherwise added in commercial soaps to extend their shelf life.

Remember that many ingredients used as preservatives in commercial soaps have been found to cause skin inflammation and irritation as well.

9 # Natural soaps have natural antibacterial properties

Safeguarding your hands and skin against germs and bacteria is another healthy reason for using soaps. However, the ingredients used in commercial soap bars for this reason, besides providing this benefit, can also cause cancer as well as disturb your body’s hormones.

Contrary to this, handmade soap bars use natural anti-bacterial agents. For instance, many essential oils like eucalyptus, tea-tree, lavender, etc. that all have organic anti-bacterial properties.

10 # Natural soaps have healing properties

Apart from cleansing and moisturizing your skin, another complimentary benefit of handmade soap bars is to work as a healing agent on your skin.

Natural soap bars can work great as an exfoliating soap as well as help your skin recover from acne, eczema, and sunburn.

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I’m glad you highlighted that natural soaps are healthier since they come packed with only 100% safe and natural ingredients without toxic preservatives added to them. My skin has been noticeably dry these days, so I want to change up my bath products soon to improve the condition of my skin. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for where I can shop for natural soaps here in New Orleans.

Clare Martin

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