Natural soap, for instance, is one good example of an organic product that is quickly becoming a preference for many people. However, many people believe that natural soaps do not make lather as good as commercial soaps.

If you happen to believe in this misconception, we are here to help. But to clear your mind of this thought, it is important to understand what makes natural soap lather.

What causes soap lather?

There are two important principles behind what causes soap lather.

The first one is related to the ingredients of the soap itself. These include base oils and butter such as coconut oil, sunflower oil, and castor oil, etc. All these constituents of a natural soap bring different qualities and properties to it.

The second factor behind what makes soap lather in natural soap is a scientific reason. Without discussing any technical perspectives which may be hard for some of our audience members to understand, here is a simple explanation.

It is the interaction of soap and water upon rubbing them between your hands or using bath accessories such as a loofah sponge. This activity generates lots and lots of bubbles which when packed together tightly in a close environment result in a thick foam or rich lather.

Why does soap lather matter?

The honest opinion on why soap lather matter is because it simply does. Not just that but it also feels good and is perhaps one important thing that many natural soap consumers look for while buying a natural soap bar.

Making lather is the preliminary step when using a bar of soap. Rubbing a natural soap bar between your hands under a running tap or simply wetting everything slightly, is what makes soap lather.

Then spreading this lather on areas of our hands and parts of the body, rubbing it again to cleanse it from dirt, grime, and grease before washing everything again under a running tap of water, is what gives us the satisfaction that we are all good, and neat and clean.

While this might just be a perception in our minds, it does reflect why soap lather is important. Although every soap makes a different amount of lather and has different cleaning strengths as well, the overall satisfaction as mentioned above is simply why soap lather matters.

Things that increase soap lather

While commercial soap contains detergents and artificial chemicals to increase lather, an organic handmade natural soap does not need these ingredients for this purpose. Instead, it uses natural ingredients with the following qualities –

Natural oils

  • Palm oil, beef tallow, coconut oil, and almond oil all have rich lather-producing qualities.
  • Sunflower oil for sustaining lather onto the skin for longer periods until washed away with water.
  • A combination of castor oil and some other oils enhance and multiply the amount of lather produced.
  • Natural, organically handmade soap bars also contain olive oil. However, make sure not to buy a natural soap bar with only 100 percent olive oil. This is because natural soap bars with only olive oil do not promote lather. Rather, buy natural soap bars that have a combination of olive oil and any other natural oil such as sunflower oil.


  • Using certain kinds of butter also helps make rich lather in natural soap bars.

Other natural ingredients

  • Sugar works as a natural exfoliant and increases lather also.
  • Clay but in extraordinarily little quantity.

Tips to increase the amount of lather in a natural soap bar

  • Lower the amount of superfat.
  • Use each ingredient in standard quantities by properly weighing each item before use.

Commercial soap vs natural soap

Without any doubt, the rich lather-making quality of a soap bar is what most consumers are looking for. It is also a preferred marketing stunt and an effective selling point for commercial soap manufacturers.

However, it shouldn’t be ignored that to enable and enhance this quality in commercial soaps, manufacturers rely heavily on using chemicals and detergents that are harmful to your skin.

Hence, natural soap bars may not make as much lather as commercial soaps do but considering their exfoliating and soothing benefits, they are worth being recommended as a preferred choice over commercial soap bars for each skin type.

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